Louise Elizabeth Wilson
Research Associate
Department of History
University of Bristol
Boston Rowing Marathon
50 Kilometers
Lincoln to Boston
6 hours 47 Minutes

In 2008 I sculled the Boston Rowing Marathon to raise money for Winter Comfort a charity for the homeless.
It began on a beautiful September morning in Lincoln. After a delayed start, requiring an emergency extraction from the reeds,
I set off for Boston aboard (or rather perched on) "Rupert", City of Cambridge Rowing Club's finest lightweight sculling boat.
All went exceedingly well for the first 10km, so well that I decided to pause my race and take a little swim in the River Witham.
Having clambered back into the boat, I dried myself off and continued my journey. I maintained a leisurely pace, nodding
encouraging to everyone else on the river as each, in turn, passed me by.

Strengthened by my invigorating swim I pushed onwards until, with dusk approaching, I could see the tower of the Boston Church
over my weary shoulders.

Six hours, forty-seven minutes, fourteen seconds - never again!
Other Interests
SCUBA diving
Weight Lifting
Tea and Cake!
Tea, Java, 2011                        Cake, Amsterdam, 2013