Louise Elizabeth Wilson
Research Associate
Department of History
University of Bristol

Conference Papers

A Brief History of Demons: Encounters with the Supernatural in Body and Soul
15 May 2016: Wolfson College Cambridge, Informal Lunchtime Seminar Series 
Medicine, Magic and Maleficia: Encounters with the Supernatural in Body and Soul
19-20 May 2016: University of Manchester, Magic Diabolism and Global Religion
Medicine and Faith: Authenticating Miracles in the Central Middle Ages
6 December 2014: The Historical Association (Essex Branch)
Saints, sacraments and spiritual care in twelfth- and thirteenth-century miracle accounts
10 July 2014: University of Leeds, International Medieval Congress
Authenticating sanctity: the thirteenth-century miracles of St Edmund of Abingdon
12 September 2012: The Historical Association (Nuneaton Branch)
Medicine, natural philosophy and scripture: the resurrection miracles of St Thomas Cantilupe
30 April 2012: University of Cambridge, History and Philosophy of Science Department, Medieval Medicine Discussion Group
Miracle and medicine: clerical conceptions of medical knowledge and practice in the thirteenth century
6 July 2011: University of Manchester, Wounds in the Middle Ages Workshop
Conceptions of the miraculous: natural philosophy and medical knowledge in thirteenth-century miracula
16 April 2011: University of Cambridge, Contextualizing Miracles in the Christian West

Religion and medicine: healing in medieval miracle collections
10 March 2010: Wolfson College, Cambridge, Informal Lunchtime Seminar
Scrutinizing the saints: thirteenth-century concepts of miraculous healing
15 July 2009: University of Leeds, International Medieval Congress

Observing the miraculous: considerations of audience in the miracles of St Frideswide
6 December 2008: University of Kent, Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Medicine and the supernatural world: healing in the miracles of St Frideswide
9 July 2008: University of Leeds, International Medieval Congress

Miracles and medicine: celestial physicians and earthly care in twelfth-century miracle collections
14 November 2007: University of Birmingham, Hilton Shepherd Centre, Graduate Medievalists' Research Seminar
The fabric of faith: the spiritual functions of medieval hospital space
2 June 2006: York-Norwich Medieval Studies Graduate Conference